VoD Users Don’t Mind OTT Ads

VoD Users Don’t Mind OTT Ads

Video on Demand (VoD) users does not mind the presence of advertisements when accessing services. That is one of the findings from the research of The 2019 Asia OTT Research Report issued by Brightcove Inc in collaboration with YouGov. This study gathered the opinions of 9,000 people in nine countries in Asia. This survey is designed to reveal various findings of consumer choices in Over The Top (OTT) services, like ott advertising, including several levels of subscription packages (subscription tiers) and the things that encourage them to subscribe; what fees consumers are willing to pay; their attitude towards advertising and ad-supported subscription packages; and their opinion on the shopping experience on TV in the form of post-programming.

In this research, it was found that 42% of respondents said they might receive a mixed model (hybrid) with a monthly subscription package that is cheaper but also contains advertisements – depending on the rate, 38% of respondents said they would subscribe soon, this portion reflects the potential market size of 80 % of respondents surveyed chose this option. As many as 54% of “Lapsed” respondents who leave their subscription packages, plan to re-register for OTT services in the future.

Many options for content were the main influence for 44% of respondents who subscribed to more than one OTT service, while free trials and promotions influenced 38% of respondents.

When respondents were asked how much fees were willing to pay for OTT services, 33% cited less than the US $ 1 per month, 24% wanted to pay the US $ 1-US $ 4 per month, and 18% wanted to pay the US $ 5-US $ 9 per month.

When respondents were asked about their attitude to buy products broadcast on TV, 69% of respondents were open to the idea of shopping on TV (shoppable TV).

According to the Head of Media, Brightcove, Asia, Greg Armshaw, the television market in Southeast Asia has changed drastically from previous times, when consumers could only choose to watch content on channels that broadcast free (free-to-air) or buy a channel package from a local pay-TV operator. Now, more than half of Southeast Asian citizens have accessed OTT TV services. And, 44% of consumers subscribe to more than one OTT service because they want a wider choice of content.

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