This Is Why Turkey’s Rug Carpets Are The Best In The World

This Is Why Turkey’s Rug Carpets Are The Best In The World

The best carpet is the Turkish rug. Many famous people who have this type of carpet in their homes ranging from presidents, artists to wealthy entrepreneurs. Speaking of that, there are several things behind it, including; High quality, geometry, and patterns, classy and fashionable, can be used as investment goods, using materials and dyes that are natural, functional and valuable forever. To clean it, we can’t do it alone. Maybe with the services of you can get results that are as expected.

Here are some reasons that make Turkey rugs become the best in the world.

High quality
You can find out the quality through the process when learning the basics of Turkish rugs. But the easy way, you can see the quality when reversing the carpet. Knots Per Square Inch usually determines its quality, the denser the meeting point, or the number of vertices, the better the quality.

Geometry and Pattern
Because carpets are more than works of art, each design has a meaning. Like poetry, each carpet pattern is like every verse of each poem run that has its magical power. That is why the beauty and distinctive motifs of Turkish carpets are carefully arranged to make them attractive. Turkish rug motif is a complete language, a series of expressions from weavers who are generally women.

Classy and fashionable
If you are among those who love to travel, you will feel the beauty of the world’s palaces through the Turkish carpet. This is very classy (classy) and fashionable right? Turkish carpet provides its sensation as if you also feel the same taste that is also felt by the kings of the world through the classic Turkish carpet. Even Marco Polo, during his journey towards the end of 13C, said that the world’s best carpets were produced in Konya, Turkey.

Turkish rugs can be a great investment for your future. You can sell your silk carpet and never lose it, especially if your collection is of an antic type, made from natural materials such as silk and wool, and does not use artificial coloring. Because Turkish rugs with natural dyes and materials can last until whenever the origin with the right care, and of course, will not be out of date.
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