These Rooms Must Be Cleaned Regularly For Our Health

These Rooms Must Be Cleaned Regularly For Our Health

The toilet is the main part as well as a source of germs and bacteria that are in the bathroom. In fact, when we use flush, bacteria and germs will fly in the air. To overcome this, clean the door handle, faucet, and all surfaces in the bathroom using disinfectant liquid. In addition, to keep you clean when you go to the bathroom, provide a mat to help dry our wet feet after the bathroom. Open doors and windows when the bathroom is not in use so that there is a change of air in the bathroom. If there are a sink and shower in your bathroom, clean the glass and faucet regularly using vinegar and wipe it with a clean cloth until the fungus, bacteria, and germs disappear. Cleaning the bathroom is the key to an effective House Cleaning, so you must not neglect the hygiene of this room.

Then, other tips for cleaning the house so that it is always clean and healthy is to clean the kitchen area properly.

Some things you can do to maintain a clean kitchen are:

– Clean all surfaces located in the kitchen using disinfectants. – Discard any leftovers in the refrigerator so as not to cause unpleasant odors.

– Clean the trash until it is completely clean every time you dispose of its contents. Even though you have coated it with a plastic bag, it is not uncommon for the plastic bag to leak and leave the remaining dirt in the trash.

– Do not store food in the kitchen and always clean the kitchen area from food.

– Dispose of kitchen waste every day out of our homes. If this is not possible, cover kitchen scraps so that animals such as cockroaches and rats cannot tear apart, so they will starve.

The next tip for cleaning the house to be clean and healthy is to diligently change the bed linen. Although we always wash our feet and hands before going to bed, it is not enough to guarantee the cleanliness of the bed. To keep your mattress free from lice, we should coat the mattress, pillows, and bolsters using a special plastic mattress to prevent the lice from sticking. Then, clean the mattress that is not covered by plastic using a routine vacuum to make it cleaner.

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