Simple And Elegant Watches

Simple And Elegant Watches

In the past year, our choices in buying watches have not only stopped at sporty watches, wooden watches, or smartwatches. Because now the trend of danish watches or so-called slim watch is starting. Wearing this watch will make a man look luxurious, elegant, and simple. But, not all men can use it, there are a few things that need to be considered first if you want to look right when using a slim watch. Thin watches are generally 35mm in diameter and 6-8mm thick, but the straps come in several options. So, make sure you know the strap width when you buy. If you have small wrists, don’t buy a wide strap because it will stand out

Men with flat hands find it difficult to choose a watch. But don’t worry, a slim watch is a right choice for you. Your wrist will fit perfectly into a flat and wide watch too. But make sure you choose a watch with a strap made of metal instead of canvas or leather because it will make your hands look even flatter. If your hands are large and muscular, a thin watch will look like a regular bracelet because your hands stick out more. Also, the macho impression will be reduced. You should choose a watch that is thicker and has a large strap.

Generally, thin watches are analog. Well, analog watches also have several more types of designs. You shouldn’t ignore it. Some clocks do not display numbers and only display lines at each point of the minute or hour, some are numeric in roman. If you are a simple man, choose a clock whose dial is not large and inconspicuous. Some thin watches also feature features such as a second marker and a stopwatch. However, for a thin watch, these features will reduce the minimalist impression. On the other hand, many features make the watch seem complex. So you should choose a clock that only displays a timepiece or at least there is only an additional date marker feature. Those added features are better suited to thick watches or outdoor watches.

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