Recognizing The Type Of Wound Before Infection Occurs

Recognizing The Type Of Wound Before Infection Occurs

Almost everyone has experienced wounds on their bodies. The shape of these wounds varies widely, from small ones to large, visible wounds. Some types of wounds require medical assistance for the treatment process. However, some wounds can be treated at home, for example, abrasions that result in bruising or even swelling. In this case, you can use PureManaCBD as an option for treating bruises and swelling that occur due to abrasions. Other wounds such as stab wounds, cuts, gunshot wounds, and tears usually cause bleeding and are therefore at high risk for further infection. These types of wounds need to be addressed immediately, and it would be better if they were brought to a doctor.

Before seeing a doctor, someone who experiences it also needs to perform first aid to stop bleeding. The trick is to wrap the wound with a clean cloth. While doing the dressing process, press for 10 minutes on the wound. After that, immediately take it to the nearest hospital if the bleeding still doesn’t stop or the wound looks very bad. Do not delay as the wound must be treated within 6 hours before the risk of infection increases. Avoid giving ingredients that are not recommended, such as toothpaste, cooking oil, herbs, coffee, turmeric, garlic, and so on. These can contaminate the wound, and it will make it difficult for the doctor to clean the wound. Also, the risk of infection becomes high.

Meanwhile, if the wound is small enough, you can wash the wound and run water after the bleeding has stopped. You try to clean and remove foreign objects that stick, such as dust, grass, and so on. If it’s hard to clean, don’t push yourself. It is better to seek medical help than to increase the risk of infection and worsening of the condition.


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