Do You Know The Meat Grinder Components And Its Advantages?

Do You Know The Meat Grinder Components And Its Advantages?

If you want to use a meat grinder, it’s better for you to understand it well, so you can use and maintain your meat grinder properly. Basically, all Meat Grinders or meat grinders have the same basic parts, both manual and more sophisticated. Meanwhile, before we continue, if you happen to have a Hobart meat grinder with broken blades, perhaps you want to look for some replacement Hobart meat grinder blades on a good online store.

The following are the important parts of a meat grinder that you need to know, such as:

– Hopper and pusher are parts or places where the meat is pushed into the grinder, the greater the volume of meat, the slower the grinding motion.

– The screw is the most important part of a meat grinder because it functions as a propeller for the meat into the shaft and into the grinder blade.

– Knife and smoother, after the screw pushes the meat into the shaft, the knife will chop the meat until it’s smooth,
A lid to ensure the blade and smoother are in place and firmly.

Advantages of Using a Meat Grinder

Safety factor

When you buy ground beef at the supermarket, you don’t know. Does the meat come from good, fresh, and not contaminated or mixed with other meat. By grinding your own meat, you can control the safety and quality of the meat yourself.

Result And Taste Much Better

By choosing which part of the meat you grind yourself, you can find out the specifications and fat content in it. So if you are on a diet then you can choose the part of the meat that contains less fat. Because this will affect the taste of your ground beef.

Better Meat Texture Results

Generally, ground beef sold in the market has been mixed with various ingredients. It has also gone through various processes that make the texture of the meatless fresh. If you have your own meat grinder at home, you can get the ground meat that is really fresh. Without a mixture of ingredients that may be harmful to your health and your family.

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