Definition of Air Compressor

Definition of Air Compressor

Air Compressor is the air that is compressed or compressed and stored under a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, usually, the air is stored in a tank or commonly referred to as an air tank or air receiver tank. There are many types of the best air compressor for home garage, for example, such as Piston Air Compressor, Rotary Screw Air Compressor, and Scroll Air Compressor.

Piston air compressor or also commonly called reciprocating air compressor, Piston (Torak) is driven by a motor or engine, the piston moves up and down and is equipped with a suction valve and exhaust valve, most of the pistons consist of 2 V-shaped cylinders or 3 W-shaped cylinders or usually a small Air Compressor consisting of 1 cylinder, this type of Air Compressor is the most widely used because this air compressor is the cheapest compared to other types of air compressors and also for very easy maintenance.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor works by using two rotors (helical Screws) male and female rotors, as well as the Piston Air Compressor, the type of Screw Air Compressor also uses a motor or engine to move the two rotors, the rotor has a very special design, rotates in the opposite direction. direction with very little distance between the two rotors. This type of air compressor is widely used in industrial areas because it has a large air delivery. This Air Compressor is widely used in industrial areas because it has a large Air Delivery.
besides that, it can also be used continuously 24 hours non-stop so that it can produce maximum production results in order to get a large profit for a company.

Scroll Air Compressor has two spiral elements and only one moving part, One moves in an eccentric circle and one is stationary, Scroll Air Compressor is usually used for refrigeration compressors, i.e. to pump Freon, Scroll Air Compressor has very low sound. The design is simple and has almost no even minimal maintenance, but the Scroll Air Compressor Type has low Air Delivery. The air produced is hotter than other air compressors, and also if there is damage to its components it is very difficult to repair.

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