Why Do You Need to Integrate e-Commerce with ERP?

Why Do You Need to Integrate e-Commerce with ERP?

Cloud ERP from acumatica los angeles by definition is a generation of ERP (enterprise resource planning) which is an application that is widely used in the management of a modern company that includes all business activities and its infrastructure base is located in the “cloud” (server computing on the datacenter).

E-Commerce and ERP integration is usually ignored due to costs or technical constraints. e-Commerce I mean in this paper is a website. Then, ERP refers to a system that helps you manage business data or back-office operations such as Acumatica ERP. Integrating e-Commerce sales with Acumatica allows you to operate more efficiently. You can manage order data, inventory, items, customers, and shipping/tracking.

Implementing integration eliminates the manual work of inputting data from one system to another. Jobs such as inputting sales orders into ERP, updating product information using Excel then uploading them to the webstore can be eliminated. All of these jobs can run automatically. Failure to implement this may result in errors. Errors that often occur are the wrong address, supplies that are out of stock, incomplete, incorrect, or missing product information.

All of these mistakes will cause distrust of customers to the webstore and greatly affect your sales. The success of your e-Commerce business is that you can maintain and increase online demand. How to? You need to implement e-Commerce integration with ERP. With Acumatica ERP integration with e-Commerce is possible, thus enabling you to have accurate and consistent product information. Acumatica has a complete and easy integration service.

You can integrate by using:

Integration Scenarios (Loader)
Web Services API

I will give some examples of e-Commerce integration with Acumatica ERP, as follows:

You can integrate the inventory catalog stored on the ERP so that it can be accessed by your webstore.
Complete order checkout process with the shipping process.
You can submit an Order and a Sales Order can be processed directly through the integration.

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