The Functions of VPS Hosting and the Right Time to Choose It

The Functions of VPS Hosting and the Right Time to Choose It

Generally speaking, the best vps gratis is just like any other hosting type that comes with its various functions and advantages. If you are curious about it all, then you can continue reading this article.

1. SSH Tunneling. In recent days there has been a lot of buzz about SSH Tunneling. Because some users abused it to use the Function to penetrate or bypass their Internet Quota Limit. SSH Tunneling can work almost the same as the VPN is to change the IP into IP VPS.

2. VPN. The VPN or Virtual Private Network works similarly to SSH Tunneling, which changes the IP because the Content passes the VPS First before sending it to your ISP, then to your Computer.

3. Proxy. Proxies work similarly to VPNs, but not as VPNs in their use.

4. Web Hosting. VPS can be used as a place to store your Web. You can freely use your VPS resource for your Personal Web as well.

5. File Hosting. VPS can also be used to store the files you want to share online with people around you or with the public.

6. Game Server. VPS can also be used for Game Private Servers such as Ragnarok, RF Online, Minecraft, and others.

7. Shoutcast Hosting. You can create your own Online Radio using your VPS.

One of the classic questions that are often asked is when a blog or website placed on a shared hosting cPanel is transferred to a VPS. In general, there are some reasons why you should choose VPS hosting although you are using shared hosting. Sites are difficult to access, often error or slow when opened. This is the main reason when it first considered the solution. Want to upgrade to a higher hosting package but the price is quite expensive and it remains a limited resource. So if 501 Internal Server Error appears frequently, 502 Connection Timed Out, 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded then it is worth seriously planned in the future.

Prices that are relatively frugal. Shared hosting can be said the best if the traffic is still low or do not want to bother taking care of the hosting administration side. But if you’ve entered 300 thousand units per year and above should consider using a VPS. Of course, do not use DigitalOcean if you want cheaper again.

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