Popular Types Of Forex Market In Kenya

Popular Types Of Forex Market In Kenya

Many traders, from beginners to experienced traders, agree that forex trading is not easy. But it does not mean that you could not learn about forex trading in and start it immediately. Determination, willingness to learn and this extraordinary passion can inspire you to get to know and want to learn trading like them. Can you be like an experienced trader in Kenya who can reap profits according to the target? Of course! It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an amateur, it’s time for you to learn more about forex trading so you can follow in their footsteps by visiting http://www.forexkenya.net/!

If it is related to trading, forex trading is trading currencies from various countries intending to make a profit. Currency buying and selling between various parties does not take place in a market with a physical structure, but in an invisible network called the “forex market”. Along with the times, forex trading is now divided into several parts in the financial market and also a commodity, each of which has its own goals and interests.

1. Spot Market
This market is a market where the purchase or sale of financial instruments, commodities, or other assets by cash and direct payment, as opposed to a market for future delivery. Usually, this market is often referred to as the cash market or physical market because trading is directly exchanged for assets.

2. Forward Market
The forward market or what is often referred to as the futures market is a market for sale and purchase transactions with delivery at a later date. It is said that futures are the opposite of the spot market or cash market because transactions that occur are delivered on a timed basis.

3. Futures Market
Or future trading is one of the markets that is quite familiar in Kenya society because this market is one of the places where the agreement that states the standard volume of a certain currency is exchanged on certain maturity date. The difference between the future and forward market lies in the way the trades are carried out. The futures market is done OTC (over the counter) while the forward market is the opposite. That means, futures trading is carried out on the futures exchange while forward contracts are not.

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