Drugs & Treatment For STDs

Drugs & Treatment For STDs

If your sex history and current signs and symptoms indicate that you have a venereal disease, laboratory tests or https://www.mylabbox.com/ can identify the cause and detect the problem:

1. Blood test
Blood tests can confirm a diagnosis of HIV or the late stages of syphilis.

2. Urine sample
Some STDs can be confirmed by a urine sample.

3. Liquid samples
If there is a wound in the genital area, fluid tests, and a sample from the wound may be done to diagnose the type of infection.

Fluid draining from the urethral tract can also be used in some cases. Laboratory tests of material from wounds or fluid from the genital area are useful for diagnosing a number of STDs. The treatment recommended for treating venereal disease varies, depending on the type you have. It is important that you and your sexual partner are properly treated.

Otherwise, you can pass the infection back and forth between yourself and your partner. Reporting from Healthline, the following treatments can treat venereal disease:

Often times, antibiotics can treat sexually transmitted infections easily. Once you start treatment with antibiotics, it is important to follow the instructions on the doctor’s prescription. If you feel that you cannot take prescribed medication, tell your doctor immediately. In addition, it is important not to have sexual intercourse until seven days after you have finished antibiotic treatment and the wound has healed. Experts also advise women to re-check because they have a high risk of re-infection.

Some viral infections have no cure, but some go away on their own. If you have both herpes and HIV, you will be prescribed antiviral drugs. You will have less chance of recurrence of herpes if you take daily suppressive therapy with antiviral drugs. However, you may still carry the virus and pass it on to other people. If you take medication as directed, the amount of virus in your body may decrease until it is difficult to detect.

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